Experienced and well-networked Our expertise is based on many years of international experience in personnel marketing and development gained working with some of the sector’s leading enterprises – both large corporations and SMEs. With a passion for networking in cultural and economical forums, we unite those working toward a common objective. You too can profit from a vibrant and growing network of contacts to very talented, skilled professionals and managerial candidates!

Working at an international level Are you looking for skilled professionals and managerial candidates? Scientists or engineers? At home or abroad? For project work or permanent employment? Then save yourself time and energy: with a professional recruitment service! We work together with businesses, experts and candidates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal and a number of other Central and Eastern European countries. We specialize in life sciences (pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, medical technology), industry (among other areas automation and process technology) and financial services.

Our Team

Nicole Eigner
Oliver Wenzel
Cooperation partner

Our Philosophy

Skills and potential Of course, you want to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible, with the right candidate possible. Decisive factors here are the knowledge, skills and experience the candidates can bring to the position and how they will develop them moving into the future.

  • Do their values and objectives correspond to your company’s culture?
  • Can they make a valuable and sustainable contribution to the success of your company?
  • Are theyr motivated to develop and progress within your company with dedication and enthusiasm?

Their employment history is a key – their individual potential is the answer.

An individual approach to HR We work to maintain real contacts not just a database of names. We don’t collect CVs but make connections to and among professionals who are well-qualified and of interest for your business. These are people who want to achieve something, who do their jobs with passion and have the ability to inspire others. Discretion, trust and integrity form the basis of our work. Appreciation, respect and creativity are key elements. The joy in helping others develop and reach their full potential is the icing on the cake.